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Everyone Deserves an Education


With over $200,000 raised, the Lambaye Learning Center is ready to be built.

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The plan is for a 4,000 sq ft multipurpose learning center to reduce inequality (both gender inequality and economic) by creating a safe space for the more than 30,000 inhabitants of Lambaye to study, learn new skills, and make new connections. 

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Forward Looking

The Lambaye Learning Center has spaces dedicated to early childhood education. Studies show that pre-k programs are one of the most effective ways to set students up for future success. The LLC will foster a generation of students from Pre-K through high school and help each one achieve what ever they dream they can be.

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While students will be the LLC's primary focus, all people will be welcome.  There will be an emphasis on programs that teach adults (particularly women) new, employable skills to help them achieve financial independence. Furthermore, the LLC will provide continuing education for girls whose parents cannot afford to send them to secondary school, reducing the literacy gap and fostering future educational growth in these students.

The Lambaye Learning Center

A multipurpose community learning center that will transform education in Senegal


Who We Are

We are students, educators and community members with a mission of expanding educational opportunity in Senegal.  Learn More.


We are a proudly Student Led Organization. High School Students run all events and many have even visited Senegal!


One teacher inspiring hundreds of Students to promote learning in Senegal.


We Rely On Local Community Involvement in the U.S. and Senegal to support all of our activities. 


Senegal By The Numbers

Fundraising Progress

Through Bake Sales, Soccer Tournaments, Galas and Private Donations, we have raised more than 80% of the money to build the Lambaye Learning Center! 


We are working with architects, builders and engineers right now in Senegal to make this project a reality!