The Baobab Tree is a Symbol of Life, Resilience and Hope for the Senegalese People.

A One of a Kind Naming Opportunity for the Lambaye Learning Center. 

A Baobab Tree Can Live for more than 6,000 years!

A Baobab Tree Can Live for more than 6,000 years!

The Students for Senegal Baobab Tree of Giving is a unique way to represent the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Community in Lambaye.  Once the Lambaye Learning Center is built, a local Senegalese artisan will craft the tree for us out of metal and it will be located in the central courtyard of the Learning Center.  

We have three different levels of support for the Baobab Tree of Giving. Each level comes with the ability to have your family name forever engraved on this one of a kind project.  

We have four levels at which you can join the Baobab Tree of Giving

Level of Support

Root Supporter


Trunk Supporter


Branch Supporter


Leaf Supporter

Spots Filled

3 of 5


7 of 10


12 of 20












Trunk + Opportunity to speak with our President about the project and naming opprtunity for a room in the LLC. 

Branch + Personalized Photo book with Personal Message from a Student in Lambaye & Director of LLC

Leaf + Personal Message from Student and Director of LLC and can include a short message along with name

Photo and Framable Certificate of your name engraved on the Tree 

Donate to the Boabab Tree of Giving

Fundraising Progress

Fill the tree to begin construction

We need $55,000 more to make this project sustainable over the long term.  If we fill each spot on the Baobab Tree of Giving, we can guarantee that the Lambaye Learning Center will be able provide the people of Lambaye the support they need to achieve long term, transformative success. 


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*All recognition gifts will be delivered after the Lambaye Learning Center is built and more information will be made available as the project progresses.