State of Construction

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Final phase of construction!

The Lambaye Learning Center is being build in two phases. Phase I has been completed and the second and final phase, Phase II is scheduled for completion for Fall 2019.

Updates from our construction blog:

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Library Reading Room

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Literacy For All

"Growing up in Lambaye, there was never anywhere I could go to read or study once school was over"

Amary Seck, President

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Interior of Reading Room


The concept of the Reading Room is the where the project began. Amary Seck and the students leading the organization wanted a place for students to go – to see all the wonderful books that the S4S have collected and brought to the village. It will be a comfortable, quiet and safe spot to read between classes or at night after school. Outside the reading room, there will be shaded walls and artfully designed window punctures along the north wall. This will be the first ever lending library in Lambaye and the only one for nearly 100 miles in any direction. 


Adjacent to the reading room will be a computer lab with tablets and computers that can access the internet, something now only possible for residents via spotty mobile phone coverage.  The computers will be preloaded with education Kahn Academy style videos on thousands of topics. This will provide students a way to expand their knowledge, collaborate with each other, and learn the skills they need to apply for high school, college and jobs in the future. 

Women's Center + Workshop

Women's Center.png

Economic independence and a space to learn new skills

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Exterior view of women’s center


The work shop is a flexible space that will provide the villagers with a making space for a variety of activities. They might build craft materials for sale, sew clothing for their family, or process local grain for sale in the local market place on Thursday mornings.  Classes will be sponsored to teach new employable skills. By creating a space dedicated to women we are fostering a more equal society where women, who were wholly dependent upon men, have a space to go where they can support themselves financially, interact with other women like them, learn skills, improve their literacy, take classes and sell their wares to the community.  

Early Childhood Education Center

Early Childhood Education Center.png

Early Childhood Education Center - An investment in life-long learning

Early childhood education focuses on developing skills foundational for a child's future success, not only in an educational setting but in everyday life.  We have always worked to provide education starting at the earliest, most critical time in a child's life.

Mr. Seck has always wanted to provide a room just the for smallest kids to learn to read. This special quiet corner of the center is tucked away with its own garden and outdoor play area. There will be literacy-focused games and toys that will help build the foundation for a love of learning.

Project Status

Two Phases

The Lambaye Learning Center is being build in Two Phases. Phase I began construction in July of 2017 and is fully funded at a cost of $250,000 and now complete on time and on budget (May, 2017). 

Phase II has begun (June, 2018) and we are raising the final portion of the $125,000 needed to construct it. Over 80% of the final funds needed have already been raised.

Phase I as of 12/30/17

Phase I as of 12/30/17

Phase I

Phase I includes

  • All planning costs for phase I and II including topographical surveys, permits and architectural drawings

  • Complete project infrastructure including foundations, plumbing and electricity

  • Functioning library, computer lab, bathrooms and office space

The two "wing's" of the center comprise Phase II

The two "wing's" of the center comprise Phase II

phase II

 Phase II includes

  • Women’s center, toddler room, and additional classroom and meeting spaces to complete the center

  • Solar Panels

  • Funding for Phase II is our highest priority

Assane Fall - Director of the LLC

Assane Fall - Director of the LLC

Center Director

We have hired a center director, Assane Fall, who has a degree in Library Science.  We are absolutely thrilled to have him on board.

He has taken the lead on programming and getting local people in Lambaye excited about the project!

Construction Updates