Senegal 4U: January, 2015

Preschool, Supplies and MADNESS!!

January, 2015 Students for Senegal Newsletter.

Welcome to the first ever Students for Senegal monthly newsletter! Students at Mamaroneck High School have been working hard and are so excited to be able to share all of their progress! Our club, Students for Senegal, founded in 2009 by students at Mamaroneck High School, has made a huge impact on the lives of those who live in Lambaye, Senegal. Our recent goal- to build a learning center in Lambaye- has been the main focus of our fundraising. Through school events, private donations and our annual gala, Students for Senegal’s architectural team is so close to beginning the construction on the learning center. Still, Students for Senegal has much more in store! 

A huge turnout at our first meeting after break!

A huge turnout at our first meeting after break!

For the second year in a row, thanks to your amazing support and generosity, we were able to send more than 30 of Lambaye's poorest children to pre-school for just $50 a child! Help keep them in school for another year and give now!

Recently, as we grow closer to the completion of the learning center, supplies that will be needed to create a successful learning environment have been taken into consideration. Our advisor, Mr. Seck, and the Senior Board members have been in contact with teachers from Lambaye. These teachers shared with us a list of items that would be beneficial for their learning center. In order to gather a substantial amount of the necessary supplies, all club members school wide are in the process of reaching out to teachers across the district. Our hope is that teachers will be willing to spare extra materials from their classrooms to send to Lambaye.

In order to continue fundraising, members of Students for Senegal at MHS are excited to host the first ever “S4S March Madness”! On March 3rd, any MHS student will have the opportunity to take part in a 3 v 3 basketball tournament at the high school. We are looking forward to hosting an event where students will be able to have fun, while making a difference.


Ever since the creation of Students for Senegal at MHS, a storage unit has held supplies that we have collected. After years of gathering these necessary materials, the storage unit has nearly reached its maximum capacity! In this space are items we have long been waiting to send over to Senegal.  Sending over the items, which we hope to do in the upcoming months, will be a huge step forward in our progress.

Thank you for catching up with Students for Senegal! We can’t wait to keep you updated with the rest of Students for Senegal’s news.

We would love your feed back on the content and style of this newsletter.  If you have anything with us you would like to share please, contact us.