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Thank you for completing this recommendation. You are providing a recommendation for a student that wishes to travel to the West-African nation of Senegal for a service learning trip with Students for Senegal. This trip will last approximately one week and can be a jarring and stressful experience for students who are not prepared for the rigors and trials that living, even for a few days, in a developing country entails. We are asking you to fill out this form so that we can ensure that the students who go to Senegal will be able to make make a positive impact on the lives of the students of Senegal whom we are trying to help and that our Students will gain valuable and productive life experiences for themselves.

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Please click the recommendation button, fill out the following recommendation form and click submit.  We suggest typing your responses first in a word processing application and then pasting them in as this form will not allow you to save any work.

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