Giving away clothes and other things to the students of lambaye was an experience and feeling I had never felt before. I had never seen the look on their faces when they got American apparel or a piece of candy, etc. One of my Senegalise "buddies" who was assigned to me and taking English classes asked me before I left to send him futbol (soccer) gear when I got back to America because it was his dream to play. Then I said I have soccer gear for you right here and took off my socks and shoes and kept offering them until he reluctantly accepted. I could see from that moment how important those shoes were and hopefully how much it meant to him to get them from me, a new friend from a distant country. I said I would contact him from America and send over some more gear. It was truly and honor to be a part of these kids lives even if it was for only three days. The experiences during that span will influence the rest of my life.

Lauren PfefferComment