Since 2009, we have been striving to foster cross-cultural exchange and to extend the gift of education to the people of Senegal.


Our Mission: To Promote A Culture Of Learning In Senegal

We accomplish this in three main ways:

  1. Expanding educational opportunities for the students of Senegal  
  2. Empowering women and girls by ensuring equal access to education and promoting financial independence for women
  3. Exchanging of culture and ideas between students in the U.S. and those in Senegal.

We believe in the power of an education to transform a person's life.  We believe in starting young, using early childhood education to establish a strong foundation and desire to learn; and then continuing on by identifying key areas, such as scholarships for young girls and classroom supplies where Students for Senegal will be able to help.  Our aim is simple: increase access and availability of high impact learning tools to under privileged children in Senegal.  Yet we strive to go further.  We believe in a holistic approach.  We believe that in order to succeed in school, a child needs more than just a building to learn in.  They need opportunities for sports and relaxation as well as places to study, places to feel safe.  They need ways to become empowered, to be able to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others, to experience and learn from other cultures, to develop not just academically, but as a whole person. We believe in creating an environment where children can not only reach their potential, but go beyond that and achieve success greater than anything they could have dreamed of.


What We've Achieved

  • We've raised more than $75,000
  • Sent more than 30 preschoolers to school for a year in Lambaye
  • Worked with the Larchmont Junior Soccer League, we have sent over 3,000 pieces of LJSL soccer equipment to Lambaye
  • We have partnered with BKSK Architects to design and construct the Lambaye Learning Center
  • We have expanded our chapters to Hommocks Middle school and to Fieldston High School which now, with the original Mamaroneck High School Chapter brings our total to three
  • Over 30 students from the Larchmont-Mamaroneck community have gone on the life changing experience of visiting Senegal
  • We have over 600 members
  • We have run a successful soccer tournament at MHS for the past three years which raises money and is one of the most popular events of our calendar