Application due by October 1. Decisions will be released by October 15.


We are so excited that you are considering joining us on our fifth trip to Senegal!  Going to Senegal is a life changing experience. We want to be able to give every single person who wants to go the opportunity to do so and to insure that they will have a safe, fun, educational and fruitful experience. For these reasons, we are going to ask you to complete this application to ensure that you will be able to take full advantage of traveling to Senegal.  

The trip will take place over Mamaroneck High School's' February Break, 2/14/20 - 2/25/20, however precise dates and times have not yet been determined.  To be safe, do not make other travel plans during this time if you are at all interested.  All travelers will have to pay the entire cost of the trip themselves. The estimated costs at this time are about $3,500-4,000 (not including vaccinations, traveling money, etc.). Final costs will be calculated once the total number of students and chaperones has been determined.

Please read the following instructions

  • There are a limited number of spots on this trip. Please submit part one as soon as possible so that we know that you are interested and complete part two quickly so that we can review you application.

  • Please complete both parts of the application by October 1st at the latest.

  • Please submit each part only once.  

  • Fill out the first part and submit it before moving onto the second part. 

  • We will give priority to qualified Students for Senegal members who fill out their entire applications (both parts 1 & 2) before September 15th. After this date, no priority will be given. Non-club members are very much encouraged to apply and we expect to be able to accommodate many of you. In the meantime, try to get involved in anyway that you can!

Part One–Personal Information

Do not move on to Part Two until you have submitted Part One.

Part Two–Application

We suggest typing your answers first on a word processing application and pasting them in once they are all complete. This form will not allow you to save your work. 

Part Three-Recommendation

Please ask whomever will serve as your reference to visit While anyone may act as your reference, in general people who make a good reference are teachers, coaches, employers, etc. Parents, family friends, peers generally are not as able to evaluate you objectively and may not make the best reference.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the recommendation is filled out in a timely manner.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


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